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With its varied natural landscapes, its wild creeks, its lively coastal towns, its steep mountains and its perched villages, Corsica is THE ecotourism destination par excellence!

If Corsica is particularly fond of seaside tourism and outdoor leisure enthusiasts, it is also appreciated for the richness of its cultural heritage and its gastronomy.

Sustainable tourism

The devices put in place

Sustainable tourism, unlike mass tourism, works with respect for local populations and the preservation of the territory’s biodiversity.

Several mechanisms are in place:


Destinations off the beaten track, away from mass tourism, to discover hidden gems without missing the must-sees


Extend its communication and tourist activities throughout the year in order to avoid the mass effect of the summer season and thus preserve fragile ecosystems


Typical charming accommodation, on a human scale


Rediscover ancestral practices and the heritage of local populations


Experienced guides to learn about the environment


Local projects to understand the challenges of biodiversity such as the wild river designation for the Taravo river


Fair tourism was set up to apply the principles of fair trade and work with local communities.

On foot, by bike, or with your feet in the water, take the time and choose for your stay a territory that is still preserved and which has decided to remain so for a long time.

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