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A family day in Ornano

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From idleness to adventure, discover the generosity of a unique region! From Domaine Cappa to the Tanchiccia pond, take the time to reconnect with the surrounding nature and share special moments with your family. Treat yourself to unforgettable memories at the Petreto Adventure Park, then relax over home cooking at Casa Cosi. Recharge your batteries at Domaine de Pietra Rossa, where you can soak up the sun by the pool for the whole family to enjoy.

Description of the trip

Morning and lunchtime

Visit to the Domaine CAPPA

Get your morning off to a great start with a visit to Domaine CAPPA!
Located in the commune of Albitreccia village, halfway between Ajaccio and Propriano, Domaine CAPPA was founded in 2015. Frédéric Cappaccini, a 4th generation farmer from Santa-Maria-Siché, and his wife Elisa decided to invest in and develop this new land in order to diversify their farming activities.
Take full advantage of nature’s bounty with the development of pastures for sheep, escape to the heart of the orchards and watch fresh fruit being transformed into delicious jams. You’ll also discover a place steeped in history, with a splendid 19th-century building now dedicated to events.
Dine around the Domaine’s table, using only local produce. The concept is simple: discover the best local produce straight from the field to the table.


Fun courses at the Petreto adventure park

On the T40 towards Propriano, in the commune of Moca-Croce, come and discover the fun and sporting courses at the Petreto Adventure Park. Monkey bridge, zip line, footbridge, liana, ladder, ropes and suspended tunnel… Experience the magic and thrills of risk-free climbing! You’ll also be able to enjoy on-site refreshments (salads, sandwiches, paninis, crêpes, ice creams and drinks). Tables and benches are also available. If you’re not afraid of heights, you’ll find a way to get your adrenalin pumping and get some fresh air at the same time!

The snack

family snack at the bar des oliviers

After the effort, the comfort! Take the road to Serra di Ferro and stop off at the Bar des Oliviers for a great family snack.

End of day

walk to the Tanchiccia pond

Not far from there, take a stroll near the Tanchiccia pond at the mildest time of day. Discover a unique environment home to many species of birds, amphibians, insects and flowers, some of which are endemic and protected.


dinner at Casa Cosi

Still in Serra di Ferro, end the day on a high note at Casa Così. Enjoy a moment of relaxation in the heart of a tastefully decorated “guinguette” garden. Aperitif platters, deliciously flavoured pizzas and homemade desserts will delight the taste buds of gourmets young and old!

overnight stay

Sleep in an old sheepfold on the Domaine Pietra Rossa

A former sheepfold dating back to the 18th century hides amongst the tall grass of the maquis. Welcome to Domaine de Pietra Rossa. Enjoy a unique experience in this authentic Corsican location, here in Serra di Ferro.

You’ll experience the pleasure of staying in a luxury, fully renovated sheepfold. The owner has succeeded remarkably well in preserving all the charm of the site, thanks to the use of dressed stone, while offering his guests all the comforts they need.
Located just 5 minutes from the beach, the house blends perfectly into the surrounding landscape, between sea and mountains. It sleeps up to 8 people and offers top-of-the-range facilities.


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