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Discovering Cozzano's producers

Our flavours and scents escapes

Set off to discover the Haut Taravo, in the heart of authentic Corsica, for a day based on discovering local know-how and products: charcuterie, saffron, honey… with producers who will share their passion for their trade with you.

Every Friday from June to September

Adults: €12
Children (under 12): €8

Car tour

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Bocca farm

Bocca farm

Saffron and Corsican honey

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A Parata Restaurant

A Parata restaurant

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U mondu di u porcu

U mondu di u porcu

Guided tour

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Pig farm

Dumè Cesari pig farm

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Description of the day

Corsican saffron and honey

Duration : 1.15

Visit the BOCCA farm in the company of Sylvain Martinez-Ciccolini.
On the programme, discover Maria Colombani’s organic saffron and PDO honey, followed by a tasting of the farm’s products.

Lunch (to be paid on site)

Duration: 1.30

On-site catering options: In the very heart of the village, the Bocca farm and the A Parata restaurant welcome you for lunch.
Two food shops are also available.

Reservations by Thursday morning at the latest on +33 4 95 52 94 87

U mondu di u porcu

Duration: 1.15

Guided tour of the pig interpretation centre.

A place dedicated to the most emblematic skills of the Tàravu valley: pig rearing and processing. You’ll discover how successive inhabitants of this region have tamed their environment and made the most of its resources to link their destiny to that of the animal.

You’ll hear what pig farmers and producers have to say, through personal accounts, texts and images that plunge you into the life of a mid-mountain village through the seasons.

The pig is also part of a mythological representation of this land and its ancestral beliefs, as an emblematic animal that has crossed the centuries and legends and marked the identity of many religions. You are invited to follow this initiatory journey through the beliefs associated with the pig.

Discovering a pig farm

Duration: 1.15

Discover Dumè Cesari’s family pig farm, which specialises in rearing pigs and making PDO charcuterie with an authentic taste.


Reservations required at the Taravo Ornano Intercommunal Tourist Office
at +33 4 95 25 10 09

U Mondu di u Porcu
Cozzano village
Tel : +33 4 95 52 94 87


Adults: €12
Children (under 12): €8

Lunch not included

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